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Wire Rope Inspection System andSafe Management Innovation Research for Fengfeng -张步勤 冀庆亚 赵焕章

  Abstract: Wire rope has been widely used in many import fields of national economy. For years of wire rope using, difficulties of world class always exist such as prominent hidden dangers, poor economyand serious accident hazards. Presently, manual inspection is always used in coal sector of our country for wire rope safety management, which caused hoisting transportation accidents and much loss in coal sector for years. According to current mining wire rope operation condition, considering its actual condition and wire rope using experience, Fengfeng Group introduced advanced TCK.W weak magnetic inspection technologyto take scientific qualitative inspection on wire rope in use. They are the first to establish wire rope online real-time monitoring system in coal sector of China. They made fruitful exploration on scientific and safe operation of wire rope.

  Keywords: wire rope inspection, online monitoring, weak magnetism, safe management.

  Effect:After using wire rope online real time monitoring system, wire rope inspection was performed at the same of normal production. The process of production and inspection were combined in one. The time for manual inspection previously became effective production time. At least 180000 tons of coal output was increased each year.