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Evaluation Report of Using TCK.W Wire Rope Inspection Technology by Fengfeng Group

  Fengfeng Group’s published paper on “Coal Mine Safety” pointed out that “The three major pairs of mines in the Fengfeng Group's Jiulong, Xuecun and Dashucun mines use the TCK.W system, which not only solves the hidden dangers of the safe operation of wire ropes that have plagued the company for a long time. Moreover, it has created a very considerable economic benefit, saving 1320 hours of testing time per year, increasing production capacity of 288,000 tons, and increasing output value of 288 million yuan at the annual price of 1,000 yuan/t coal, and reducing the annual energy consumption of wire rope testing by 762,000 kw/h; Save about 1/3 of the cost of rope change and reduce wastage of 2 million yuan."

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