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Innovation Practice on Mining Shaft Hoisting Wire Rope Safety Monitoring -刘士栋

  Abstract: Analyse and check weak link of safety supervision of lifting equipment wire rope. Enable wire rope to be under full-time safe control monitoring condition. Zhaojiazhai mining of Zhengmei Group successfully applied world leading TCK.W wire rope online real-time automatic inspection system, which not only resolved the difficulty of wire rope safety monitoring, but also increased productivity, reduced inspection energy consumption, saved wire rope utilization cost. Thus it brought remarkable economic benefits to the enterprise.

  [key words] mining shaft hoister wire rope safety weak magnetic inspection technology wire rope online real-time automatic inspection system


  After using wire rope online real time monitoring system, wire rope inspection can be done at the same of normal production. Production and inspection processes were combined in one process, time spent for manual inspection previously became effective production time. Each year 180000t coal output was increased at least.

  Idle running caused by inspection was completely emanated. The lifting height of main shaft and auxiliary shaft of Zhaojiazhai mine is 446m and 465m. Motor power is 2800 kW and 850kW. Rope speed for manual inspection is 0.3~0.5m/s. Equipment idle power is 235kW. Energy consumption for 4 inspectors to complete manual inspection once is 350kW·h. If we calculate as 330 days as effective working days per year, idle consumption for wire rope inspection each year is at least 116000 kW·h.