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ApplicationofTCKWireRopeOnlineNon—destructiveTestingTechnology -YangBuzhong

  (YungangCoalMine,DatongMiningIndustryGroup,Datong,Shanxi 037017)

  [Abstract] This article analyzes the importance and safety of wire rope inspection for mining hoisting system, and summarizes the practical application of TCK wire rope online NDT inspection.

  【Keywords】]hoist;wire rope;online monitoring

  Application of TCK.W wire rope online monitoring system brought remarkable economic profit for Yungang mine. Energy consumption saving for wire rope inspection for four winches of main shaft, auxiliary shaft and material inclined shaft can be 1 million kW·h. About 973 hous shutdown times is reduced. If all the saved time is used for production, it will be 3040000 tons of raw coal output if calculation according to raw coal 5000t/d, and 16h/day. The economic profit is increased obviously