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Analysis Report on Fengfeng Group’s Economic Profit(Jizhong Energy)

  Analysis Report on Major Hoisting Transportation Equipment Wire Rope Online Real-time Automatic Monitoring and Wire Rope Safe Management System Research

  (Excerpt of Technical Appraisement Report by China Coal Industry Association )

  Editor’s note: Fengfeng, Group, Jizhong Energy, in order to solve the safety neck bottle of enterprise hoisting wire rope, used China invented “TCK.W Wire Rope Online Automatic Inspection System” which effectively resolved technical difficulty of wire rope inspection, eliminated a major hidden danger and performed outstanding demonstration. For conversion of this technology achievement, Fengfeng Group directly invested only more than a million RMB and 300 million RMB profit was increased. The high return rate of 1:300is gained. A successful case of developing enterprise with science was created. It provide valuable innovation experience for us.