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1. Products brief introduction

Wire ropes which are high-risk components in the important hoisting, transportation equipment are regarded as “lifeline” in various industries. For a long-time the safety of wire rope is always the “blind points” in the major equipment management process due to lack of scientific and reliable test device.

The invention of wire rope online real-time safety monitoring system developed by our company has revolutionized backwards situation of wire rope monitoring & management.

The technology has a high detection rate to all kinds of local defects such as broken wires, abrasion, corrosion fatigue (LF),of key wire ropes in-use, and accurate resolution to diameter reduction, loss of effective metal cross-section area (LMA) etc. It has successfully solved the three major management contradiction “hidden danger, waste, low inefficiency” which exist at the same time, realizing triple management targets. It is currently the world's most advanced wire rope nondestructive testing equipment.

一、隐患 浪费 低效三大矛盾同在

The system can help customers realize the values:

1. Make the wire rope operation under safety control all the time;

2. Perform monitoring wire rope during production, combine production and inspection into one process, reduce one process, and raise effectively rate of equipment utilization;

3. Reduce the idle energy consumption of equipment especially for testing, effect of energy saving is obvious;

4. Increase scientifically service life of wire rope, decrease use-cost of wire rope;

Notable case of economic benefit

Take Fengfeng group as an example, after Jiulong Mine, Xuecun Mine and Dashucun Mine equipped TCK.W Wire Rope Online Automatic Monitoring System, the company not only solved the long plagued problems of the wire rope safety operation, and created considerable economic benefits.

1. The average annual saved of wire rope testing time 1320 hours, increased production capacity 5.6%, only for this point, they increased the volume of production for 28.8 tons every year.

2. Reduced the steel wire rope detection equipment idle energy consumption of 726000 kWh.

3. Saved 1/3 cost of rope replacing cost. The ROI rate is reaching 1:90which really achieved the purpose of small input and huge return.

2. System Configuration

1. TCK.W Modular inspection device

-On-line installation and automatic operation.

- Wide-space and non-contact inspection to ensure safety operation of the inspection device.

- Real-time non-destructive testing for flaws when wire ropes in normal operation.

-Weak magnetism sensors with high sensitivity, high stability and high responsiveness.

-Suitable for all-weather indoor and outdoor working environments, with rain-proof, shock-proof, and oil-proof design.

-Routine maintenance free.

2. TCK.W intelligent data collection & conversion workstation.

-Intelligent multi-channel two-way automatic information communication mode.

- Modular multi-function unit combination, easy for updating.

-Shield-type information receiving & conversion and anti-interference design.

3. TCK.W Distance/Speed Measuring Device

-Adopt high-precision explosion-proof photoelectrical encoder and light aluminum.

-Anti-loosening mechanical structure, self-clamp-floating cantilever support, and friction wheel with multi-channel anti-slip rings ensure reliably distance measuring.

-Integrated anti-shake, pulse shaping and other industrial designs with features.

4. TCK.W Testing Status Active Prompting System

-Real-time and graded alarming responses, with“yellow light” or early flaw warning and “red light” for over-limit flaw warning.

-With over-limit flaws, the “red light”will be on and pre-programmed safety measures will be acted simultaneously.

-High-power on-site sound and light displaying device.

-TCK.WSMS Safety Status Reporting Function ( optional ).

Based on the real-time monitoring results and historical statistics, the alarm information will be showed in terminal interface, the corresponding alarm information can be remotely sent to managers mobile phone by SMS according to the system pre-lock.

5. TCK.W Multi-channel Terminal Workstation

-Multi-channel step-by-step calling, synchronous and high speed data receiving & sending operation mode, optional configuration for wire/wireless communication.

-Designated command and control system software, manual/auto switch operation mode.

-Simple man-machine interactive mode;

-Compatible with the LAN or public network for information sharing;

-Real-time testing data collecting ,analyzing and processing,with file-type data management system.

-Support testing data retrieving and test report printing whenever needed.

3. Technical parameter

1. Sensor working sensitivity: ≥1.5V/mT

2. Maximum sampling frequency:

the time domain 8000 times / s

spatial domain 2048times/ m

3. Non-explosion-proof:AC220V ± 10%\50Hz

AC220V ± 10%\50Hz

System rated power: 300W

4. Defect locating accuracy: ≥98%

5. Uncertainty Rate of Flaw Equivalent(P): ±1%

6. Wire Rope Vibration Range Limit: 10~25mm

8. Inspection range of target wire rope diameter: φ16 ~ 80mm

9. Rope Speed for Inspection: 0-3m / s.

10. Rope Speed for Monitoring:3-20m / s.

11.Signal transmission distance:

The Length Of Communication Cable: ≤70m

The Length Of Communication Optical Cable :≤20km

12. Required Space for Device Installation : <φ175mm x1200mm

13.Sensor Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +55 ℃Humidity: ≤95%RH

14. Ingress Protection: Ip67

7. Accuracy

Over Limit Flaw Detecting Accuracy: 100% ( Loss of Effective Metallic Area over 10%)

Server Flaw Detecting Accuracy: 100% ( Loss of Effective Metallic Area between 8% to 10%)

Serious Flaw Detecting Accuracy: 100% ( Loss of Effective Metallic Area between 6% to 8%)

Medium Flaw Detecting Accuracy: >98% ( Loss of Effective Metallic Area between 4% to 6%, still within safety range)

Minor Flaw Detecting Accuracy: > 90% (Does not effect safety, Loss of Effective Metallic Area between 2% to 4%)

Slight Flaw Detecting Accuracy:> 75% (Value less than 2%, could be disproportion of wire rope, internal welding spot, and padding metals)

4. Test report

Wire rope current weak magnetic status view

  • Wire rope current weak magnetic status view
  • Cableway rope splice analysis report

Wire rope online automatic monitoring system—— application locale

Wire rope online automatic monitoring system— Installation plan

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