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The first Chinese technology that wins the OTC award in the past 50 years

TCK.W Wire rope inspection technology has won 2018 American offshore technology conference Spotlight Award on New Technology . TCK.W inspection technology is safe and beneficial. It not only helps to provide the safety monitoring of wire rope in its entire service life but also reduces 90% of the dedicate inspection time by conducting the inspection during production. The reduced inspection time can be used for production, which will highly improve productivity and reduce equipment energy consumption with obvious energy-saving effect. Besides, this system can scientifically prolong the service life of wire rope and reduce the cost of wire rope at the same time. Furthermore, this system can accurately evaluate the defect development trend of wire rope and provide big data quantified evidence for maintenance.

TCK.W Automatic Real-timeOnline Wire Rope Inspection System will revolutionize periodic human visual inspection andbringin-process safety monitoring to its highest statet hrough continuous inspection during operation.

Diagram of defect detection rate and inspection repeatability


System configuration


Specification Parameter

现存的检测方法 现存的检测方法

Inspection Accuracy:

- LMA equivalent uncertainty:<±1%

- Statistical error for number of broken wires in the length of 6D and 30D (optional): <1

- Measuring tolerance of wire rope diameter (optional): <±2%

- Positioning accuracy of defects: ≥99%

- Marking tolerance of defects: <1%

Detection Rate

-Severe flaw: Real-time detection rate 100%

-Serious flaw: Real-time detection rate 100%

-Medium flaw: Real-time detection rate >99%

-Slight flaw: Real-time detection rate >90%

-Minor flaw: Real-time detection rate>80%

Repeatability Rate

-Severe flaw: 100%

-Serious flaw: 100%

-Medium flaw: >99%

-Slight flaw: >90%

-Minor flaw: >80%

-The inspection tester can be switched to online and offline modes automatically.

-The safety clearance between sensor and wire rope : 15-30mm

-The minimum distance between the magnetizer and sensor: <200mm

-Inspection range of wire rope: Φ20-60mm

-Inspection speed: 0-6m/s; Monitoring speed: 0-15m/s

-Pass-through capacity: not inference with grease or deformation

-Work temperature: -20℃-55℃

-Humidity: ≤95% RH

-Ingress protection: IP54

-Alarm function: audible and visual alarm

-Swing amplitude limit of wire rope: <10mm

Economic Effect Analysis

Application of TCK.W Wire Rope Online Monitoring System brings considerable economic benefits to Yungang mine. There are four winches in total in Yungang Mine. It saves nearly 1,000,000 kW·h electricity energy and reduces shutdown time for inspection about 973h annually. If all this expensed energy and time are used in production, the mine can additionally produce 304,000 ton raw coal, based on the calculation of 5000 ton/day of raw coal lifting per day of 16 hour.

-Quoted from mechanical management and development, No.7, 2015

-Author: Yang Buzhong, Yungang Coal Mine, Datong Mining Industry Group

Software Interface

提升机坠罐事故 安全教育视频

Wire Rope Online Automatic Inspection System— Field case

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