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  1. Product Introduction

  Traction steel cord belts as the “life line” of elevator equipment are extensively used. Because the bearing steel wire cord in the flat belt covered by organic polymer material their damage or broken states are not easy to find, which becomes the major hazards to elevators' safety running. TCK•W® Company develops Intelligent Safety Monitoring device for elevator traction flat steel cord belt by means of professional advantage in the ferromagnetic material non-destructive testing field, solving scientifically the technical difficulties of identifying internal steel core broken in the traction steel flat belt.

  The TCK•W®smart safety and monitoring device for elevator traction steel belt makes the tested steel cords in the flat belt connected into the instrument by use of special connector and checked. Once one or multiple steel cords have been detected the smart safety and monitoring device will prompt early warning, triggering the control system of elevator to take corresponding protection measures.

2. Features:

1. The smart safety and monitoring device is installed at the end of traction steel cord flat belt, which will not affect the effective load and lifting safety of flat belt.


2. Monitoring broken steel cords at 24 hours a day, once single steel cord broken ,detected warning signal will be sent out timely.

3. The number of broken steel cords inside the traction flat belt can be tested accurately .

4. The special connector for traction steel cords flat belt.

5. Convenient to install, easy to operate, after the broken steel cord signal captured, the system will be prompted to handle.

6. Intelligent Safety Monitoring system can be connected into elevator control system, no electromagnetic pollution, no interfering with normal running of other electronic and communication equipments.

3.Performance parameters

1. Specification: TCK•W®-GDAJ

2. The width applying for traction steel cord flat belt:30mm~60 mm

3. Applying for flat belt with number of steel cords: 10~30

4 .Dia. Range of steel cord: ≤2mm

5. The number of traction steel cord flat belts monitored simultaneously: 1~5

6. Working environment: Temperature -20℃~50℃;Humidity ≤95%RH

7. The rate of broken steel cord identified: 100%

8. Power supply: DC24V;Power≤120W

9. Type of alarm: light alarm

10. Technology extension: can be customized according to requirements

Elevator Steel Cord Traction Belt Inspection Device— application locale

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