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Wire Rope Intelligent Inspection Expert System Click to view more detail >>

  • 瑞士现场应用


  • Main Technical Parameters

    1. Statistical error for numbers of broken wires in the length of 6D, 30D:<1

    5. MRT flaws equivalent uncertainty <±1

    2. Measuring error for wire rope diameter reduction: <±1%

    6. Flaw positioning accuracy: ≥99%

    3. Variation error for wire rope splice displacement: ±1-5mm

    7. Rope speed for inspection 0-3m/s;   

    Rope speed for monitoring 0-15m/s;

    4. Measuring error for wire rope lay length <±1%

    8. Wire rope diameter range:φ26~76mm

Wire Rope Online Automatic Inspection System Click to view more detail >>

  • 现场应用

    现场应用 — 四绳

  • Main Technical Parameters

    1. LF,LMA flaws equivalent uncertainty: <±1%

    5. 1. mT Sensor working sensitivity:≥1.5V/mT

    2. Flaw positioning accuracy: ≥99%

    6. MRT Maximum sampling frequency response:2048 times/m

    3. Rope speed for inspection: 0-4m/s 

       Rope speed for monitoring 0-15m/s

    7. Wire rope oscillating range:<10mm

    4. Wire rope diameter range: φ26~76mm

    8. Ingress protection: IP67

Steel Core Conveyor Belt Intelligent Monitoring System Click to view more detail >>

  • 现场案例


  • Main Technical Parameters

    1.Belt Moving Inspecting Speed: 0~8m/s

    5.Splice twitch measuring error: ±2mm

    2.Response time for belt halt when ripping detected:0.5-2s

    6.Broken cords qualitative accuracy: >99%

    3.Response accuracy of ripping sensors:<2kg

    7.Broken cords numbers quantitative error: ±1

    4.Splice positioning accuracy rate:100%

    8.Defect positioning:

    Positioning error in belt lengthwise:<1‰

    Positioning error in belt widthwise:<10mm

Portable Wire Rope Tester Click to view more detail >>

  • 便携曳引带钢丝绳探伤仪


  • Main Technical Parameters

    1.Sensor sensitivity ≥1.5V/mT

    5.Splice twitch measuring error: ±2mm

    2.Flaws equivalent uncertainty: ±1%

    6.Sensor Magnetic fields strength < 20mT

    3.Response accuracy of ripping sensors:<2kg

    7.IP53 Ingress protection: IP53

    4.Splice positioning accuracy rate:100%

Elevator Wire Rope Tester Click to view more detail >>

  • 电梯钢丝绳探伤仪


  • Main Technical Parameter

    1.Width of elevator ropes in one row :<130/180/230mm

    5.(light) Flaw real-time detecting rate: >90%

    2.Rope diameter: 8mm~16mm, numbers of rope:1-8

    6.(Heavy) Flaw real-time detecting rate: >100%

    3.Flaws positioning accuracy rate: >98%

    7.Weight of device:<2.9Kg

    4.Flaw equivalent uncertainty: ±0.5%

    8.Safe rope testing speed:<3m/s

Elevator Steel Cord Traction Belt Inspection Device Click to view more detail >>

  • 电梯曳引带检测系统


  • Main Technical Parameters

    1 .Specification: W-GDAJ

    5 .Type of Alert: Relay dry contact and red LED display on site.

    2. The numbers of elevator traction belt monitored simultaneously:1-5 belts

    6. Rated working voltage: DC24V: Rated working current:700mA

    3. Numbers of steel cords: 12/belt, Steel cord diameter range: ≤Φ2mm

    7 .Ingress Protection: IP20

    4. Weight of device: ≤2Kg: Width of steel cord traction belt: 30mm

    8. Operating environment: Temperature -20℃~50℃;Humidity: ≤50% when 40℃, ≤90 when 25℃.There should be no corrosive gas,inflammable gas and conducting dust