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System Brief Introduction

TCK.W Portable wire rope tester

Significant innovation in science inevitably caused significant breakthrough in technology. The weight of portable wire rope tester is less than 2 kgs, it is 1/6-1/25 of traditional testing equipment. The highest sensitivity of TCK sensor can reach 5v/mT, is beyond 700 times than traditional sensor’s sensitivity. The gap between sensors and rope are 10-30 mm, non-contact wide width inspection is realized, which is not affected by oil sludge, warped wires and rope speed. The device has a high pass capability, unique self open-lock function, ensuring safe testing operation. Humanized interfacial design makes testing operation very convenient. Instant random viewing inspection data, curve, analysis report and digital inspection result can be viewed as soon as inspection is finished. Connecting portable wire rope tester with computer the formal test reported can be printed. It provides users with scientific basis of safe wire rope operation and reasonable wire rope replacement.

Global leading inspection technology

Portable wire rope tester can evaluate correctly residual bearing capacity and service life of tested wire rope by inspecting quantitatively percentage loss of metal effective bearing cross-section area caused by internal and external flaws of rope such as broken wires, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue etc, and providing users with scientific basis of safe wire rope operation and reasonable wire rope replacement which conforms to related standard and code. It is a high-tech safeguard which can prevent from wire rope failure, decrease reasonably cost of wire rope and improve operating efficiency.



Three Innovations & Two Breakthroughs

Weak magnetic inspection technology is an important innovative achievement in the field of wire rope inspection, based on successful discovery made by our country’ scientist on the changes and movement rules of Space Magnetic Field Vector Status. This leading weak magnetic flaws detection technology focuses on 3 innovations and 2 breakthroughs.

Three Innovations 

Two Breakthroughs

1. Establish new theory of "Spatial Magnetic Field Vector Resultant"

1. Quantitative detection on various wire rope flaws.

2. Discover new method of "Weak Magnetism Inspection".

2. Accurately evaluate the residual bearing capacity, safety coefficient and in-service life of the wire rope.

3. Invent the new technology of “Dou’s Element/sensor".


The first-rate enterprise set up standard  

Our company takes an active part in drafting China's Coal Industry Professional Standard (MT/T970-2005): Non destructive and fix quantity detecting method and determinant rule for tight wire on-line, which was issued by the National Development and Reform Commission of China. This is not only China's first wire rope inspection standard, but also the world's first standard with assessment rules. The base of this standard is W® weak magnetic inspection technology; therefore,the technical grade of it is much higher than wire rope inspection standard issued by countries such as USA and Europe. The standard’s publication marked that the Chinese wire rope inspection technology is at leading level in the world.


Features of portable wire rope tester
1. High inspection precision, high resolution, accurate test result

“Weak magnetism sensor” technology: uniquely created by the scientists in our company, its sensitivity is 700 times higher than traditional tester. The sensor has strong resolution, and can inspect quantitatively actual wire rope flaws under various working status.

2. Reliable performance

quantitative uncertainty for measuring the percentage loss of effective bearing metallic cross-sectional area (LMA) and other flaws such as broken wires, corrosion and abrasion (LF) : ±1%.

3. High Level Integration

All function modules are integrated, including system self-diagnosis module, digital automatic calibration module, “Eagle Eye” module, S/N quality module, signal fidelity module, and anti-interference module

4. Fast data processing capability

By analyzing the original data extracted by TCK•W® testers from the wire rope, TCK•W® patented software is capable of evaluating the working condition of the rope in use. It will not only display the testing result and print out the test report in real time, but also exchange data between the tester and a PC at fast speed;

5. Small volume andlight weight

the weight of TCK•W® portable flaw detector is less than 2kg, which is only 1/6—1/20 of that of similar products at home and abroad;

6. Wide applicability

applicable to wire rope inspections under complex working conditions and not be affected by the inspectors’ experience or skills, rope speed, noise, water spraying, warped wires, oil dirt and other factors;

7. Accurate inspection results

capable of quantitatively measuring the percentage loss of effective bearing metallic cross-sectional area (LMA), caused by internal and/or external broken wires, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue and other defects and thereby evaluate the residual bearing capacity and service life of the inspected wire rope.

 Technical Performance & Parameters

 Technical Parameter

(1) Electro-mechanical integrated design of testing head, touch screen/key

film button two-mode operation, no external operating system needed.

(2) Emergency unlocking function, unlocking time is less than 1 second,

which ensures the safety of machine and operator.

(3) Colorful wide touch screen: real-time display testing graph. Computer

connecting via WIFI, instant printing of test report.

(4) Weight of universal type testing head:<3.2Kg

(5) Wide gap inspection, high pass-through capability: the gap between

sensors and wire rope tested: 10~30 mm, testing not affected by warped

wires on surface, greasy dirt, deformation of rope.

(6) Diameter range of wire rope tested: 6-120mm

(7) Tester is equipped with self-diagnostic function.

(8) Safe testing speed: 0-3 m/s

(9) Data transmission: WIFI

(10) Data storage: USB data storage, local storage


(11) Rated voltage: DC7.4V,(lithium battery)

(12) Sensor sensitivity:1.5V/mT

(13) Sensor work magnetic strength: <20mT

(14) Electromagnetic induction signal to noise


(15) Maximum sampling rate: 2048 times/m(16) Battery continuous operating time: ≥ 6hours
(17) Ingress protection: IP54
ModelSpecificationDiameter of wire rope(mm)Weight of inspection tester(Kg)

Dimension of

testing head (LxWxH) (mm)

Common type(II)


Smart type(III)


Customized type

TCK•W-ZN608060--80- -

According to customer s



Wire Rope Flaws Quantitative Inspection System Analysis Software

  1. TCK.W-BX Wire Rope Flaws Quantitative Inspection (Lower computer) built-in professional software.

  inside the wire rope tester, assist to realize the calibration of test benchmark, real-time signal collection, data storage, pretreatment, info retrieval, memory management and instrument self-checking during wire rope online inspection.



2. TCK.W-BX wire rope flaws quantitative inspection software analysis software

Used for handle of testing data, assist to realize data transferring, curve analysis, tabulation management, display & print, storage & filing. Computer terminal: Fig(2), Fig.(3)


4. Test Report

Manual analysis for each wire rope inspection made by portable wire rope tester is not necessary; only need connecting with PC and printer, can a test report with analysis result be printed any time.

MRT Main ReportFlaws Grading Statistics Chart




Flaws Sequence TableCurrent wire rope status weakmagnetism inspection

Intelligent flaw detector for steel wire rope—Field application

Wire rope flaw detector in coal industry—Field application

Wire rope flaw detector for port industry—Field application

Wire rope flaw detector for petroleum industry—Field application

Wire rope flaw detector for ropeway industry—Field application

Wire rope flaw detector for crane industry—Field application

Wire rope flaw detector for ship industry—Field application

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