Company Mission

Raise productivity efficiency with weak magnetism inspection technology, safeguard the safety of life and treasure.

Raise productivity efficiency
Weak magnetism inspection technology invented by our company can replace the backward testing method in lots of wire rope application fields, help the customers raise productivity efficiency and cut the application cost of wire rope.
safeguard the safety of life and treasure
Wire rope is the key element of hoisting and transportation systems in many industries and the lifeline of safety production. The weak magnetism inspection technology created by our company can test scientifically internal broken wires, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue, etc of wire rope, providing scientific management foundation for the managers, safeguarding the safety of life and treasure in the wire rope application fields.

Company envision

As a leading wire rope inspection technology company in the world we help users of wire rope to realize safety production, improve efficiency, reduce production cost and deliver lasting service to users of wire rope testing worldwide, providing reliable technical support for the safety operation of wire rope.

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