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1. System Brief Introduction

Steel core conveyor belt is an important conveying device in the mine and port industry. Over a long time, due to a lack of efficient and reliable inspection technology, supervision for safety of conveyor belt has been a difficulty. Accidents of longitudinal rip and transverse fracture happen occasionally, posing a great threat to safe production.

TCK.W intelligent monitoring expert system for steel core conveyor belt adopts our original magnetic memory plus weak magnetic inspection technology; and it is able to automatically monitor longitudinal rip and transverse fracture in an online, real-time manner, high speed and comprehensively monitor various hidden damages, such as steel cord splice displacement, broken cord and steel cord rust, effectively solving the major difficulty in conveyor belt inspection.

Safety with more efficient

1. Operation safety of steel core conveyor belt is under control all the time.

2. Inspection is completed during production; processes of production and inspection are synthesized as one; when one work link is reduced, production capacity will be increased largely.

3. Starting energy consumption for conveyor belt inspection is reduced; and effects of energy saving are prominent.

4. Service life of conveyor belt is prolonged scientifically; and the cost for using conveyor belt is reduced.

5. Evolution damage trend of conveyor belt is evaluated accurately; and quantized maintenance basis with huge data is provided.

2. System Layout

Comprehensive Comparison of TCK.W Expert System and X-ray Detection Equipment

Advantages and Limitation of X-ray Detection Equipment Advantages and Limitation of TCK.W Expert System

Advantage: X-ray perspective image is perceptual intuition;


Only online and regular detection can be realized;

24hours×365days online, real-time, and high-speed utomation detection cannot be realized, due to the eason that the broken belt is random; dead zone of onitoring time is the hidden danger;

It can only be installed at the position of return conveyor belt, thus vibration and broken core of joint can only be photographed rather than being subject to longitudinal tear detection;

It has direct harm to human body;

Life limit of X-ray transmitting tube with expensive post-maintenance cost;

Due to high protection requirement of environmental impact assessment, Health Protection & Supervision Department has to conduct no less than once body inspection and physical test.


Longitudinal tearing, transverse belt breaking, joint displacement, broken core, corrosion, and full-life cycle monitoring;

24hours×365days online, real-time, high-speed automation detection without dead zone of monitoring time;

Accurate positioning of longitudinal tearing, broken core, joint displacement, and other damages for conveyor belt;

It is green environmental friendly, which is harmless to human body;

Equipment operation is stable with low post-maintenance cost and no maintenance.

System Composition

1. Programming device of magnetic memory

- Inner fixed Nd-Fe-B configuration load module, passive constant magnetism, intrinsically safe design;

- Wide-spacing, no-contact, and high-speed magnetization and zero emission, and zero energy consumption;

- Self-adaptive and all-weather operation and no daily maintenance.

2. Longitudinal tear monitoring device

- Longitudinal tear monitoring and high sensitivity response;

- 24hoursX365days online and real-time high-speed automatic monitoring;

- Adaption to various complicated conditionsand no daily maintenance.

3. Transverse broken belt detection device

- Spatial response combination array of built -in transverse plus vertical weak magnetic sensor;

- Modular combination open structure with simple installation;

- Wide-spacing, no-contact, and high-speed non-destructive test;

- Online installation, remote intelligent operation mode, and no daily maintenance.

4. Distance measuring device

- High-precision photoelectric encoder;

- High measuring precision, High signal stability;

- No maintenance.

5. Intelligent data acquisition conversion workstation

- Bi-directionally automatic interaction mode of multi-channel information;

- Upgradable Modular combination configuration;

- Embedded danger warning procedure.

6. Multi-channel master terminal

- Full-functional operation of drive system for master control software;

- Online and real-time collection, analysis, processing, and detection of data information;

- Preset real-time over-limit sound, light alarm and remote report of mobile text message;

- Support consultation of users at any time and printing of result report;

- Self-diagnostic function of system failure.

Positioning Detection of Broken Core for Conveyor Belt

Damage positioning detector of steel core conveyor belt can be used to help users to accurately position joint and various damages of conveyor belt so as to improve working efficiency of users for maintenance of conveyor belt.

Customer Evaluation

After TCK.W system is used in Chengzhuang coalmine of Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group, operation security of conveyor belt is ensured and great economic benefit is created.

When conveyor belt of 1011 steel core for Chengzhuang coalmine is subject to manual inspection and X-ray inspection, normal production time is usually occupied; after installing TCK.W system, inspection can be completed at the time of production; one hour of inspection time can be saved on average every month; 67200 tons of raw coal can be additionally transported every year with increased profit of RMB 8.736 million; 432000KW/h of startup energy consumption for inspection of conveyor belt can be saved every year.

Meanwhile, early diagnosis of hidden danger for conveyor belt is realized and service life of conveyor belt is prolonged.

3. Technical Parameter

1. Detected belt speed: 0~8m/s

2. Brake response time of longitudinal tearing: 0.5-2s

3. Sensor response precision of longitudinal tearing: <2kg

4. Positioning accuracy of joint: 100%

5. Measurement error for steel core vibration of joint: ±2mm

6. Positioning accuracy of broken core: >99%

7. Measurement error of broken core: ±1

8. Positioning accuracy of damage spot:

Length error of y-coordinate: <1‰

Length error of x-coordinate: <10mm

9. Strong magnetization device of magnetic memory: 50mT

10. Sensitivity of weak magnetic sensor: ≥1.5V/mT

11. The maximum sampling rate: null space 2048 times /m

12. Data transmission rate: 10M/100Mbps

13 Explosion-proof environment: AC127V±10%/50Hz

14. Rated power of system: <350W

15. Signal transmission distance

Access length of telecommunication cable: ≤50m

Access length of optical-fiber communication: ≤40km

16. Working environment of sensor

Temperature: -20℃~+55℃ Humidity: ≤95%RH

17. Dustproof and waterproof grade reaches: IP67

18. Accuracy of identification and No. for Grade-I to Grade-IV steel core: 100%

19. False alarm rate of real-time warning of major hidden danger and brake stop: <1%

20. System can be used to realize historical data and to print inspection report.

21. The system is equipped with functions of self-diagnosis, remote monitoring, and debugging.

Model Specification

No. Model specification Applicable width of conveyor belt
1 TCK.W-PDJC300*3 ≤ 900mm
2 TCK.W-PDJC300*4 1000-1200mm
3 TCK.W-PDJC300*5 1300-1500mm
4 TCK.W-PDJC300*6 1600-1800mm
5 TCK.W-PDJC300*7 1900-2100mm
6 TCK.W-PDJC300*8 2200-2400mm

4. Software Function

Internet of Things plus Intelligent Monitoring Platform of Conveyor Belt

Software Function

In combination with (patented invention) unique algorithm of TCK.W, intelligent monitoring expert system for TCK.W steel-cored conveyor belt has strong analysis and operation function based on TCP (transmission control protocol) and UDP (user datagram protocol) dual optimization transmission mechanism and it utilizes static memory pool management and multi-thread synchronization technology.

1. Online and real-time alarm function of longitudinal tearing for conveyor belt
2. Qualitative and quantitative inspection of vibration and displacement of steel core in joint area

TCK.W system can be used for high-speed and real-time identification of joint type and automatic numbering. In comparison with sample data, variation value of vibration and displacement for joint can be automatically analyzed. Number of joint is supported to be defined by users on the software so as to make it convenient for users to compare it with historical maintenance record.

3. Qualitative and quantitative inspection of broken core, corrosion,and other damages in non-joint area

TCK.W system can be used to conduct accurate qualitative and quantitative inspection to corrosion of inner steel core, broken core, and other defects of inner steel core for conveyor belt. Grade should be divided and marks should be made according to preset threshold.

4. Display of panoramic weak magnetic view of conveyor belt

Large capacity memory and dynamic data processing technology are used in TCK.W system, which can provide panoramic weak magnetic view of steel-cored conveyor belt for users in current state so as to make users know current state of conveyor belt.

5. Over-limit, real-time, and early warning of steel-cored damage for conveyor belt

TCK.W system has real-time alarm function, which supports push methods of immediate alarm and reserved alarm.

Sound-light alarm, which mainly focuses on on-site inspection and master control room, thus users can check inspection report at any time according to alarm;

SMS alarm, which mainly focuses on Safety Supervision Department of equipment;

Immediate alarm. System will immediately alarm at the time of inspecting defects which exceed threshold of preset warning;

Reserved alarm. Appointment time can be set, early warning information can be pushed in grades after analysis and statistics.

6. Printing of inspection report and checking of historical records

Concise and clear inspection report for users is provided in TCK.W system.

Checking of historical records is provided in TCK.W system,which provides convenient conditions for users to know historical evolution process ofinner defects for conveyor at any time and to conduct current status trendanalysis for safety performance of conveyor belt.

7. Remote debugging and after-sales service function

TCK.W system can be connected with LAN / public network platform and remote service takeover function can be embedded in TCK.W system so as to easily realize remote debugging, software upgrade, failure diagnosis, online debugging, maintenance, and other after-sales service functions.

5 .Test Report

Steel Core Conveyor Belt Intelligent Monitoring System— Installation plan

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