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1. System Configuration

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Inspection accuracy:

● Severe Flaw Value: Real-time Detection rate: 100%

● Serious Flaw Value: Real-time Detection rate: 100%

● Medium Flaw Value:Real time Detection rate: 99%

● Slight Flaw Value: Real-time Detection rate: 95%

● Below Slight Flaw Value: Real-time Detection rate:

Unique Advantages:

1. Wire rope whole service life under safety control

2. Synchronized inspection during high-speed operation

3. Replacing manual inspection with machine visual identification inspection

4. Integration of MRT & VI system.

5. Internet + expert inspection with remote diagnosis

Conforming to:

● Standard practice for electromagnetic examination of ferromagnetic steel wire rope (ASTM-E1571-2011)

2. Technical parameters:

1. LF/LMA equivalent uncertainty: <±1%

2. Statistical error for number of broken wires in the length of 6D and 30D: <1

3. Measuring tolerance of wire rope diameter: <±1%

4. Flaw positioning accuracy: ≥99%

5. Rope speed for inspection: 0-4m/s;

Rope speed for monitoring: 0-15m/s

6. Wire rope diameter range: Φ26 - 76mm

7. Machine visual identification sampling frequency response: >20 times/s

8. Sensor working temperature: -20℃~55℃, Humidity: ≤ 95%RH

9. MRT maximum sampling frequency response: 2048 times/m

10. lngress protection: lP67

Replacing Manual Inspection with Machine Intelligence

TCK.W, Winner of OTC 2018 Innovation Award

TCK.W Automatic Real-time Online Wire Rope Inspection System will revolutionize periodic human visual inspection and bring in-process safety monitoring to its highest state through continuous inspection during operation.

"We can never forget that its companies like the 2018 Spotlight Award winners that are driving the technological advancements necessary to propel our industry for the next 50 years."—Paul Jones Spotlight Award Committee Chair

3、Test report

  • Wire rope current weak magnetic status view
  • Cableway rope splice analysis report

4. Application locale

Field case

Field case

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