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1. Inspection Device

2. Work Process

Repeatability Rate

-Severe flaw: 100%

-Serious flaw: 100%

-Medium Flaw: >99%

-Slight flaw: >90%

-Minor flaw: >80%

Detection Rate

-Severe flaw: Real-time detection rate 100%

-Serious flaw: Real-time detection rate 100%

-Medium Flaw: Real-time detection rate >99%

-Slight flaw: Real-time detection rate >90%

-Minor flaw: Real-time detection rate>80%

Diagram Form Of Flaws Detecting Rate And Testing Repetitive Rate On Sampling Rope

Main Technical Parameters

1.LF/LMA flaw equivalent uncertainty:<±1%

2.Statistical error for number of broken wires in the length of 6D / 30D:<1

3.Measuring tolerance of wire rope diameter:<±1%

4.Flaw positioning accuracy:> 99%

5.Rope speed for inspection:0-3.6m/s

6.Inspection range of wire rope:Φ20~60mm

7.Working temperature:-40℃∼55℃


9.Ingress protection:IP67

10.Explosion-proof grade:Exd IIB T4

12 Invent Patents
24 Utility Model Patents
Got respectively 1 invent patent inUSA, EU, JAPAN
20 Software Copyrights
Ecnomic Benefit Analysis
1.Safety assurance Poor inspection reliability, internal flaws of rope can notbe detected, so huge hidden dangers are often ambushed. Wire rope safety has been upgraded to highest level
2.Inspection efficiency Rope inspections are executed in two shifts per day, each inspection consumes 0.5 hour in each shift, 1 hour per day. Inspection will cost 330~350 hours in 330~350 working days each year. Drilling rig will be halted when rope tested. The inspection speed is 3.3 m/s when it passes the sensors (while the up & down speed of Blocks is 0.3 m/s), the inspection will only consume 3 minutes for two shifts each day with TCK.W device only 16.5 hours are needed for rope inspection annually, in this case on average 330 working hours can be added for each oil drilling rig every year.
3.Inspection energy consumption 611 Kwh energy are consumed each day for rope manual inspection, and totally 213800 Kwh each year. Save rope inspection energy consumption of about 200000Kwh by this inspection method. 1 Kwh is valued as 0.9 RMB, 180000 RMB are saved for each drilling rig each year.
4.Human cost Two persons are needed for drilling rope inspection each day, and it takes 1 hour for it. Manual inspection is replaced with machine intelligence inspection
5.Scientific Management Rope inspection records are scattered, poor retrieval, wire rope life circle can not be managed scientifically. Wire rope inspection data retrieval can be ensured because of inspection big data. It can evaluate accurately safe service time of wire rope.

3、Test report

4、Wire rope current weak magnetic status view

5. Application locale

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